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Apple presents the best of 2018<br/>The Apps, Games, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts and More That Shaped Entertainment and Culture Around the World This Year<br/>As the year comes to a close there are so many unanswered questions: Who is Kiki, and does she love me? Should I start a podcast? Where is Donut County? Why didn’t Offred escape Gilead (again!)? Today, Apple reveals the Best of 2018, a global collection of top charts and selects from our editors across every category highlighting all of the amazing things to watch, read, listen to and play across apps, music, podcasts, books, TV and movies. It’s an invariable list of the who’s who and what’s what from the past year that is certain to help answer at least some of the most burning questions and make for fun conversation around any holiday dinner table.
<br/>The App Store<br>

<br/>This year, <a href=";itscg=as10001" target="_blank">Battle Royale-style games</a> like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile dominated global gaming culture with exciting, last-player-standing action, while innovative apps like Fabulous, Shine, 10% Happier and Headspace expanded the practice of wellness around the world to make <a href=";itscg=as10001" target="_blank">self-care more accessible</a> than ever before.
<br/><strong>Best Apps of the Year</strong>
<br/>App Trend of the Year – <a href=";itscg=as10001" target="_blank">Self-care</a><br />
Game Trend of the Year – <a href=";itscg=as10001" target="_blank">Battle Royale-style gaming</a><br />
iPhone App of the Year – <a href=";itscg=as10001" target="_blank">Procreate Pocket</a><br />
iPhone Game of the Year – <a href=";itscg=as10001" target="_blank">Donut County</a><br />
iPad App of the Year – <a href=";itscg=as10001" target="_blank">Froggipedia</a><br />
iPad Game of the Year – <a href=";itscg=as10001" target="_blank">Gorogoa</a><br />
Mac App of the Year – <a href=";itscg=as10001" target="_blank">Pixelmator Pro</a><br />
Mac Game of the Year – <a href=";itscg=as10001" target="_blank">The Gardens Between</a><br />
Apple TV App of the Year – <a href=";itscg=as10001" target="_blank">Sweat</a><br />
Apple TV Game of the Year – <a href=";itscg=as10001" target="_blank">Alto’s Odyssey</a><br />
<a href=";itscg=as10001" target="_blank">Favorite Watch Apps of the Year</a>
<br/>iPhone users running iOS 11 and later will view iPhone charts below; iPad users running iOS 11 and later will view iPad charts. 
<br/><a href=";itscg=as10001" target="_blank">Top Apps Charts</a><br>
<a href=";itscg=as10001" target="_blank">Top Games Charts</a>
<br/>Apple Music<br>

<br/>To close out an extraordinary year, Apple Music’s editors have awarded highest honours to the <a href=";fcId=1441981146&amp;ls=1&amp;app=music&amp;at=1001ltS&amp;ct=rom_bestof2018&amp;itscg=30300&amp;itsct=rom_bestof2018" target="_blank">artists who truly represent the very best of 2018</a>. Drake owns the Artist of the Year category while country’s Kasey Musgraves scores Album of the Year for her dynamic <em>Golden Hour</em>. The fiery collaboration between Cardi B, J. Balvin and Bad Bunny made “I Like It” an easy choice for Song of the Year and Breakout Artist Juice WRLD has been giving everyone “Lucid Dreams” all year long. But these all-stars weren’t the only stars: Apple Music’s global year-end charts and editorial playlists are packed with the year’s biggest hits and favourites from all over the world.
<br/><strong>Best Music of the Year</strong>
<br/>Artist of the Year: Drake<br />
Breakout Artist of the Year: Juice WRLD<br />
Song of the Year: I Like It – Cardi B featuring Bad Bunny &amp; J. Balvin<br />
Album of the Year: Golden Hour – Kacey Musgraves
<br/><a href=";ls=1&amp;app=music&amp;at=1001ltS&amp;ct=rom_bestof2018&amp;itscg=30300&amp;itsct=rom_bestof2018" target="_blank"><strong>Charts</strong></a>
<br/>Top 100 Global Songs<br />
Top 100 Global Albums<br />

<br/>Apple Podcasts<br>

<br/>This year, investigative reporting underpinned the immersive storytelling of shows such as American Public Media’s <em>In the Dark</em>, <em>The New York Times’s</em> “Caliphate,” along with historical deep dives like Slate’s<em> </em>“Slow Burn<em>.</em>”<em> </em>News and Politics grew as <a href=";mt=2&amp;ls=1" target="_blank">podcast</a> genres in 2018 with <em>The New York Times’s</em> “The Daily” and Crooked Media’s “The Wilderness,” while celebrities and a healthy mix of independents topped this year’s new shows, including Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert<em>,</em>” “Oprah’s Master Class” and Parcast Network’s “Conspiracy Theories” and “Unexplained Mysteries.”&nbsp;
<br/><strong>Best Podcasts of the Year</strong>
<br/>In The Dark<br />
Caliphate<br />
The Dream<br />
Everything is Alive<br />
Slow Burn<br />
Dr. Death<br />
Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard<br />
Bubble<br />
Bundyville<br />
A Very Fatal Murder<br />
Wolverine: The Long Night<br />
Serial<br />
The Daily<br />
This American Life<br />
99% Invisible
<br/><a href=";mt=2&amp;ls=1" target="_blank"><strong>Charts</strong></a>
<br/>Top 25 Most Downloaded Podcasts of the Year<br />
Top 25 Most Downloaded New Podcasts of the Year 
<br/>TV and Movies<br />

<br/>The <a href=";app=tv&amp;cvs=edt.cvs.5be1f95e-9a98-4b11-a857-2cbe965ba4d6" target="_blank">movies and TV shows</a> of the year represent a rich mix of genres and topics ranging from indie, documentaries and animation to drama, horror and action. “Black Panther” and “Killing Eve” are the top picks of the year; they, along with other notable titles such as “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” “Hereditary” and “Pose,” have been praised by critics and fans alike and fueled pop culture conversations and die-hard fandom around the world.
<br/><strong>Best Movies of 2018 on Apple TV and iTunes</strong>
<br/>Annihilation<br />
Black Panther<br />
Crazy Rich Asians <br />
Eighth Grade<br />
Green Book*<br />
Hereditary<br />
Incredibles 2 <br />
Minding the Gap<br />
A Star is Born*<br />
Won’t You Be My Neighbor<br />
*<em>available for pre-order</em>
<br/><strong>Best TV Shows of 2018 on Apple TV App and iTunes</strong>
<br/>The Americans<br />
Atlanta<br />
Barry<br />
The Expanse <br />
The Good Fight<br />
The Good Place<br />
The Handmaid’s Tale<br />
Killing Eve<br />
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel<br />
<br/>Apple Books<br>

<br/>In 2018, <a href=";mt=11&amp;ls=" target="_blank">Apple Books</a> launched as a brand new app, making it effortless for iPhone and iPad users to discover and enjoy books and audiobooks. This year Apple Books celebrates works from a diverse group of authors, including Tommy Orange’s debut <em>There There</em>; Tayari Jones’s <em>American Marriage</em> that is both the Book and Audiobook of the Year; and Rachel Hollis’s <em>Girl, Wash Your Face</em>. Politics dominated the U.S. charts this year with<em> Fire and Fury</em>, <em>Fear</em> and <em>A Higher Loyalty</em> all appearing in the top 10 best-selling nonfiction books. On the fiction front, readers remain rabid for books adapted for the screen, including Kevin Kwan’s <em>Crazy Rich Asians </em>and Gillian Flynn’s <em>Sharp Objects.</em>
<br/>Book of the Year: American Marriage<br />
Best Nonfiction: The Library Book <br />
Best Mystery: The Witch Elm<br />
Best Thriller: Light It Up<br />
Best Bio/Memoir: Educated <br />
Best Romance: Too Wilde to Wed<br />
Best Science Fiction/Fantasy: Spinning Silver <br />
Best Feel-Good Fiction: When Life Gives You Lululemons<br />
Best Literary Fiction: There There <br />
Best Young Reader Book: Harbor Me
<br/><strong>Best Audiobooks of the Year</strong>
<br/>Audiobook of the Year: American Marriage<br />
Best Nonfiction: 21 Lessons for the 21st Century <br />
Best Mystery: Something in the Water<br />
Best Thriller: Long Road to Mercy <br />
Best Bio/Memoir: Becoming <br />
Best Business Audiobook: Dare to Lead <br />
Best Health, Mind, Body: Girl, Wash Your Face<br />
Best Family Audiobook: Rebound <br />
Best Humor: Calypso <br />
Best Historical Fiction: The Great Alone
<br/><strong><a href=";mt=11&amp;ls=" target="_blank">2018 Apple Books Charts</a></strong>
<br/>Top 100 Books Fiction<br />
Top 100 Books Non-Fiction
<br/>Press Contacts<br/>Rob Saunders,Apple,,020 7184 1414<br/>Apple Media Helpline,,020 3284 6333<br/>
Source: Apple

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