Self-Service Locker ChargingSelf-Service Locker Charging

Self Service Intelligent Charging Lockers

Ultimate control, management and tracking of your devices

Ideal for agile working

24hr device loaning

Self-Service Lockers

Remotely track device usage

MiFare | Barcode | Cash | Biometric

Standalone or integrated with active database

Bespoke solutions available

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The most advanced Self Service Charging Lockers

Nuwco’s Intelligent Self Service Lockers gives staff or students access to Laptops, Chromebooks, Tablets or iPads 24hrs a day, 7 days a week with minimal disruption. Loaning a device with Nuwco’s BeSmart Lockers passes responsibility to the user by tracking usage via an Active Database or by accepting cash deposits.

BeSmart give IT Admin ultimate control and management of your equipment and its day to day use. The built-in intelligent software in these smart locking and charging lockers tracks devices and can provide usage reports.

Gaining access to a device is simple with Nuwco’s BeSmart Lockers

Users identify themselves at the BeSmart terminal via MiFare, Barcode, Pin, Cash or Biometric identifiers to gain access to the most charged device.

Easy Device Management 

Device management is seamless for IT Admin with the ability to remotely lock down individual bays and update devices. IT also have the ability to remotely view usage statistics.

The smart locking & charging locker software has been developed within an easy to use interface to make the management, monitoring, tracking and allocation of equipment a simple process.

Lockers can be fully managed either locally, via an intranet or across the web, meaning a number of intelligent locking & charging lockers situated across a number of sites can be managed from a single central point anywhere in the world.

The BeSmart intelligent locking & charging cabinet is a highly flexible system which can be tailored to suit a multitude of requirments. Made to order there are many uses the BeSmart Intelligent Locker can be used for.

Self Service Charging Lockers

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 Self Service Charging Lockers

  • 24hr Device Loaning
  • Track device usage
  • Ideal for Library IT Loaning or Agile working environment
  • Choose the locking mechanism to suit your needs
  • Anti-bacterial powder coating
  • Electrical safety – BS 4680:1996 and CE
  • Robust heavy gauge all steel construction
  • Ideal for large scale device deployments
Dimensions (mm) Width Depth Height Weight
External 660 670 995 40kgs
Internal 50 430 350 40kgs
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