WEEE Directive: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

The WEEE directive has been implemented throughout the European Union to protect/improve the environment by limiting the amount of electrical/electronic equipment disposed via landfill. This is to be achieved by the collection, treatment and recycling of electric/electronic waste arising from both household and business situations.

Responsibility for the collection, treatment and recovery of electrical waste now lies with the producer and obliges distributors to allow consumers to return their waste equipment for recycling free of charge.

Nuwco as a producer is responsible for WEEE arising in business situations (non-household). To ensure that we fulfill our obligations for all our relevant manufactured and/or distributed products that fall within the WEEE legislation, we have implemented the following:

Marked all products with producer identification and the “crossed out wheelie bin” symbol

Registered with Clarity Environments Compliance scheme. Producer Number WEE/GE5227XZ

Made arrangements to provide free recycling of all relevant products under the following circumstances:

By the user following the returns process and completing the WEEE collection form available “here”, which can be submitted to: Nuwco Ltd., 4-8 Kelvin Place, Thetford IP24 3RR

For further information or assistance please contact Nuwco on 01223 96 8875

Further information on the WEEE Directive may be obtained at:



WEEE Returns Terms and Conditions

Nuwco Ltd. will fund the costs in relation to recycling and disposal of complete Nuwco equipment.

The customer will be liable for the return transportation cost(s). Nuwco will upon authorisation of a completed Return Authorisation Document (RAD) arrange collection via their appointed freight carrier. Alternatively as the customer is liable for the return cost(s) then they the customer can organise their own delivery arrangements.

Nuwco will only accept alternative manufacturer’s products for recycling providing an alternative like for like replacement product was supplied by Nuwco and an agreement with the original equipment manufacturer does not exist.

Upon request, Nuwco can supply a quotation for the collection and disposal of other manufacturer’s equipment.

After completing and signing the RAD form, the customer declares ownership and title to the WEEE is passed to Nuwco at no cost.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure any/all returned products are packaged safely and securely for return transportation.

In the event of a failed collection from the customer premises due to inadequate packaging, availability, accessibility etc. the customer will be liable for any additional collection charges.

All returned WEEE will be checked to ensure that the equipment details match the information disclosed in the RAD form. In the event that the details differ the customer will be liable for the disposal costs.

Nuwco will dispose of all WEEE via the Clarity recycling service.

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